Happy Valentine’s day 2016 Ecards

Happy Valentine’s Day 2016 Ecards: Now a day’s Ecards so popular in today’s generation people. On Valentine’s Day Ecard is the best way to wish and to show feelings of love, affection and friendship. An Ecard is like a postcard or greeting card but the difference being that it is created using media instead of paper. So in this advance era people celebrate Valentine Day in a different way and send lovely Ecards with lots of love to their loving ones and spread happiness everywhere. You can find here different-different kinds of Ecards and you will happy to read this that you can download these lovely Ecards from here for free. Just download it, send it and enjoy on this day. “Happy Valentine’s Day 2016 ”

Happy Valentine’s Day free Ecards

  • As I feel the tear go down my cheek,
    I notice that my heart is weak,For the love I have for you,Will always be gold and true,I have made some mistakes, they rest in the past,But know my love will always last,Even though we are a distance apart,You always have the key to my heart.Happy Valentine’s Day 2016 ”
  • Will u be my Valentine? I know dat I am urs. U r like a ocean, And I am like ur shores U r like an endless wave And I ur waiting sand. And I will wait 4ever as U come & smooth my hand. I will wait 4ever, yet U r a part of me. I hold u in my arms, while u Come 2 me endlessly. I know dat I am urs. I love u with a love dat yearns 2 be ur golden shores. Will u be my Valentine?

Happy hug Day 2016 wishes

Happy Rose Day Ecards

  • Love
    Is Like
    “RED – CHILLI”
    It Is Not Only Sizzling
    Keeps Your Eyes Wet! “Happy Rose Day 2016 ”


Happy Propose Day Ecards

  • A loving relationship is one
    in which the loved one is free to be himself
    to laugh with me, but never at me;
    to cry with me, but never because of me;
    to love life, to love himself, to love being loved.
    Such a relationship is based upon freedom
    can never grow in a jealous heart. “Happy Propose Day 2016 ”
  • Be4e meeting u dre were so many things dat were not right in my life, including my horribly-decorated bachelor pad. Thank God u came in2 my life and saved me from a life of darkness, solitude and poor taste! Happy Valentine’s Day! I love u!

Happy Propose Day Quotes2

Happy Chocolate Day Ecards

  • Love Someone …
    Not Because They Give
    You What You Need… !!!But Because They Give You FeelingsYou Never Thought You Needed. “Happy Chocolate Day 2016 ”

Happy Chocolate Day Sms

Happy Teddy Day Ecards

  • Distance Is A Test of Love.
    Many Will Fail For
    Those Who Can’t Withstand It.
    For Those Who Can,
    There’s 0nly 0ne Answer:
    TRUE – LOVE …“Happy Teddy Day 2016 ”
  • Jub Khamosh Aankho Se Baat Hoti Hai
    Aise Hi Mohabbat Ki Suruwat Hoti Hai
    Tumhr Hi Khayalo Mein Khoye Rehte Hain
    Pata Nahi Kab Din Kab Raat Hoti Hai

Happy Teddy Day Messages1

Happy Promise Day Ecards

  • Trust, Respect, Loyalty, and Communication:
    4 essential parts of a successful relationship. “Happy Promise Day 2016 ”


Happy Hug Day Ecards

  • Love is like two people holding a rubber band,
    we pull,
    then when one person let’s go,
    it’s The Person Who Held On That Gets Hurt!!!! “Happy Hug Day 2016
  • 2night I ask d stars above,
    How I’ll ever win ur love,
    What do I do,
    What do I say,
    2 turn ur angel eyes my way?

Happy Valentine’s Day Messages for her

Happy Kiss Day Ecards

  • The Difference Between

“In Love”

Are The Same Difference

“For Now”,
“For A While”

“Forever…”  “Happy Kiss Day 2016 ”

Happy Valentine’s Day Messages for her3

Kick Day Ecards

  • THE
    YOU..“Happy Kick Day 2016 ”
  • Aj Rat 12 Baje K bad
    Valentine’s Day hay.
    Jis Jis Ne
    Hamein Phool
    Dena Hai
    Wo Line
    May Lag
    Koi Ek Dusray
    Ko Dhakka
    Nahi Day ga
    Jo Aaj
    Reh Jaye
    Wo Kal
    Aa Jaye

Happy Valentine’s Day Funny Messages2

Perfume Day Ecards

  • The hardest part of loving someone
    is when they no longer care
    and you keep loving them anyway..“Happy Perfume Day 2016 ”

Perfume Day Messages1

Flirting Day Ecards

  • Is dil ka kaha maano ek kaam kar do,
    Ek be-naam si mohabbat mere naam kar do,

Meri zaat par faqat itna ehsan kar do,
Kisi din subha ko milo aur shaam kar do.

“Happy Flirting Day 2016 ”

Happy Valentine’s Day Funny Messages1

Confession Day Ecards

  • “Response” Is One Of
    The Powerful Tool To
    Occupy A Place In
    Someone’s ‘HEART’


Give The Best Response
To The Person Who Cares
For You…“Happy confession Day 2016 ”

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Missing Day Ecards

  • Magic Words For A
    Great Relationship Are,

” I Love You ”
” Just The Way You Are… “Happy Missing Day 2016 ”

Breakup Day Messages2

Breakup Day Ecards

  • Sometimes the World Gives So Many Reason To Hate It,
    But Whenever it Happens
    I Just Stop ‘n Think Of You ‘n Say
    How Can I Hate This World When You Are A Part Of It :) “Breakup Day 2016”

Missing Day Messages1

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    Love is like a cloud
    Love is like a dream
    Love is 1 word
    & everything in between
    Love is a fairytale come true
    I found Love when I found u

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